Week 1 (Oct 1-7) – The Announcement

Note: I am writing this weeks after the events happened, so I am just recalling everything from memory and archives of Facebook and Viber conversations.

After the big reveal on September 30, we have to prepare fast. I am targetting a February wedding since Ayheen’s parents might leave for US on March.

We already had a shortlist of dates – February 10 (Saturday), February 16 (Friday but a holiday since it’s Chinese New Year), February 17 (Saturday) or February 24 (Saturday).

Sunday was spent, aside from being a worship day, in announcing to our close friends that we’re getting married.

Una si Zia, close friend ni Ayheen sa Iron Saints (Iron Saints is the dance ministry of CCF). Nakaupo kami sa cafeteria. Nung ipinakita ni Ayheen kay Zia yung singsing, napatakip na lang siya ng bibig.

Then, dumating si Gica, another friend niya sa Saints. Nung pinakita ni Ayheen yung singsing, napatakip din siya ng bibig, then umikot ikot sa lamesa namin out of excitement. “I’m so happy for you,” I can recall Gica saying.

Ayheen then said that Gica will host the wedding. Gica agreed, only condition was that she be fed first, as she had an experience when she wasn’t able to eat.

On my part, since we are an all male dgroup, I just made the announcement casually. During our kumustahan, I smiled before uttering a word. Sinabi ko na lang na, “we’re engaged.” Yes, naks, congrats. Yung ang mga narinig ko.

I already made a disclaimer that I may not be able to invite everyone in our group since the budget is tight.

After CCF, we made our way to Ayheen’s friend in Lifehomes, also in Pasig. Potchie, who’s nearing the delivery of her baby with husband James, also had the same reaction. We went there initially to bring the SLR camera they want to borrow. Ayheen handed over the camera bag to Potchie, showing of course the diamond ring. It took quite a while before Potchie noticed the ring.

I then have to explain everything, on how the engagement happened. That was the third for that day.

On Monday morning (October 2), Ayheen vibered me saying that she already told her aunt that she’s engaged. Carla, or Lala, is actually almost the same age as Ayheen’s but because of family lineage, she’s her aunt. Umiyak daw si Carla, which I also saw in the Viber screenshot.

Since I am planning to sell the car, I wanted to do the pamamanhikan as early as this week. This we did, and it will be on the next post.

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