Goodbye, Altis

It’s has been a day since I let go of my 15-year old car and to be honest, I have felt relieved now that I no longer have it.

Last Friday, I finally handed over my 2002 Toyota Altis with a Nautica Blue color to its new owner. The buyer, a government employee from Antipolo, wants to make it as a secondary car which will be used primarily by his wife. I was its third owner. I sold it in less than 50 percent of my acquisition price but it’s okay with me. I had the car for more than six years.

I had lots of memories with this car. Saksi yan sa lahat ng kabalastugan ko when I was younger. When I used to court a girl, I used the car to fetch her from her office and then go somewhere. When I was courting my now-girlfriend-and-fiance, it broke down only to find out it did not have enough gas because I was too excited to see her. I used it in our very first out of town trip even if we are not yet official. There were lots of weddings, birhtdays, christenings and wakes that we went to using the car. Piping saksi yan sa mga asaran namin. One of our last moments together with the car was when we were scouting for a venue for our wedding.

One of my fondest memories with my car was when I dashed it in a flood back in 2012. It was that Habagat when, in my desperation to go home to Baras, I tried to wade through the flood in Taytay. The water was too strong that I had to go back to Eastwood and stayed there overnight. No harm was done on the car. There was also a time when because of my stupidity, I entered a muddy road which I later learned to be C6 between Pasig and Taytay. Muntik na akong mabalahaw dun.

But I think the most sentimental moments I had with the car was when I used it with my loved ones, specially with my family. When my dad had to go back to the hospital due to stroke, I brought him there using the car. When my mother complained of pains in the abdomen area and I brought her to Makati Medical Center for a check-up, the doctor no longer allowed her to go home and had to undergo operation. I slept in the car since there was limited space in the isolation area where she was confined in. Whenever my sister or my brother had to go back here in the country, I used the car to fetch them from the airport and to send them off.

I hope the new owner finds joy the way I had with the car. There were pains too. There were costly repairs which nearly broke my bank account. Pero ganun talaga kapag may sasakyan.

Yesterday, my mother and my sister and her family went to Megamall to apply for a passport. Traffic was so heavy in the Ortigas Avenue area that a mere kilometer took two hours to traverse. I am happy that I no longer had the car because I would have used it, and God knows what might happen to it when stuck in traffic.

I am considering a brand new Honda Mobilio as my future car. I once rode in a Mobilio when I took Uber and I immediately fell in love with it. It is a 7-seater car and it’s so spacious. I was checking the forums in Tsikot and owners of it still love their cars and did not find any regret buying it.

So to Mr. New Owner, have fun with my Altis. See you around!

My last view of my car.

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