Random Rants of the Week (33)

Some random thoughts of the week. Getting a respite from work really makes you think of things you don’t normally pay attention to:

On faith:
It’s really difficult to love God in a manner that you love Him for what He is, and not just for what you can get from Him. There is no similar human relation that does not have an i-love-you-you-love-me idea.

On procastination:
The satisfaction you get in putting things off is never proportionate to the sacrifice you make to get it done.

On diligence:
There are things that nobody else is tasked to do. So it does not make sense not doing it, when nobody will do it for you.

On rainy days:
Having a car wash on a rainy day is like suspending classes on a sunny day.

And then some images from last week:

Went to Divisoria last Monday. The road in front of 168 is cleaner now. Before, the vendors occupy half of the street, leaving only a lane for vehicles, and even the center island is filled up. Now, there are no more vendors in the inner two lanes and the island is clear.

Spent Tuesday afternoon in Monte Caffe in Antipolo. Aside from the staff, there were only three of us customers.

Created a flatlay (yun pala tawag dun!) Inspired by The Soshal Network.

Attended the Sipag seminar last Tuesday evening in CCF Center. It’s time to share God’s goodness.

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