Roadtrip to a Call Center

I spent half of my day achieving nothing but making rides to jeepneys, FX, a bus, taxi, escalator and elevator.

The company I am applying for called me up yesterday to ask me if I would be available for tomorrow’s, which is today, orientation for new recruits. I said yes, though I already committed myself to visit the foundation I am helping.

Much to my regret, when I arrived there at past 2 pm, the officer told me that the orientation was canceled, but the training would start on Monday at 8 am 9 pm to 6 am of Tuesday. The officer looks like my orgmate in UP.

Earlier in the day, I was supposed to go to Park Square in Makati City to have my NBI clearance renewed. While I was waiting for an FX, I read that my clearance, which I got last April, is effective until April next year.

What I did is just to go to my former employer and get my TIN or tax identification number. I just realized that for the five months of working there, I am not paying my taxes! They did not apply me for a TIN. Jesus Christ! My withholding tax is already good for one month salary, yet, it is not remitted to the government?

I saw the recruitment manager, the recruitment assistant and the CEO there. I had a small chat with the former-resigned-agent who came back to work only as a part-time-troubleshooter-agent. She’s one of the kindest agents there and was a great help to me when I was just starting in the inbound account.

Traffic was heavy as hell in Ortigas Avenue. Since I’m sure I’m late for the orientation, I took a cab.

To my surprise, the driver asked me, “Saang call center?” (Which call center should I drive you to?). I was intrigued by his question and asked him why does he think I work in a call center. He said call centers are the in-thing today. He said that it is the only industry that livens up the economy. Good thought, I said to myself. Plus the fact that call center agents also liven up the taxi industry because they need it as means of transportation, specially during the night. He went on telling stories about how agents are being victimized in the jeep and buses (maybe he just want to say that it is safer to take a taxi than jeeps and buses).

When I was about to get off the taxi, he asked me where should he stop. He asked me: Do you want me to stop there in front of the fat lady? Yes, Manong. That fat lady eventually became his passenger.

After the disappointing cancellation of the interview, I just bought a filler for my clearbook in the National Book Store. They still don’t have the transfer paper I looked last week.

Even their branch in Ever Gotesco-Ortigas didn’t have the transfer paper which I would use to have my shirts printed. I haven’t gone to this mall for 8 years. That last time I went there was in 1998 when my brother and I bought our very first computer.

My headaches a little bit.

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