Notes on Zig Ziglar’s Better Than Good – Part 1

It was the motivational speaker Jim Rohn who suggested that whenever we read a good book, write down thoughts that you think you can use in the future. For the longest time, whenever I read book, that’s what I do – read. Just read. So I just forget whatever I have read because I never take notes. I have learned never to trust my memory. I heard someone say that the mind is good for creating ideas, but never for storing memories. And so here I am, reading with a notebook and pen besides, so that I can pickup whatever learnings I will encounter.

I try to make my notes in my notebook as varied as possible, meaning some of them are in just one column, sometimes two, or using a different ink. I do this to break down the monotony. That way, when I look back to my notes for a leisurely reading, I will not be bored.

Zig Ziglar's Better Than Good

They can have everything in life they want if they will just help enought other people get what they want

Three pillars to the “better than good” life
1. Passion – No one will perform at his peak without passion because you are going to fail, be taken advantage of, be disappointed by people you trust, disappoint yourself, run out of resources. Passion prevents us from quitting due to above reasons
2. Peak Performance – Dependent on passion, grit, determination and a willingness to do something poorly until you can do it well
3. Purpose – Doing the God-given purpose

“Better Than Good Life” is life experienced by living with genuine passion, striving for peak performance and fulfilling one’s God-given purpose.

Change takes time and constant repetition.

A noble passion, when found and developed, produces great joy and personal rewards, and offers huge benefits to society as well
Passionate people who make the greate contributions to society are not only highly motivated – they have proper motives. Proper motives always seek to accomplish goals that contribute to the common good

To encourage, inspire and motivate one person with our passion is to move beyond ourselves and take others with us,

Inspiration is the fuel that keeps the flame (passion) alive.

The fastest way to build and develop your passion in a given area of life is to INVEST yout time, talent and treasure in it.
The more time, talent and treasure you invest in your position, the more you will fight for it, defend it and protect if from anyone and everything that would attempt to steal it from you.
To keep the passion alive, find a mentor who has the same passion and make arrangements to meet the person on a regular basis for inspiration.

The power of imagination is one of the greatest untapped reasources in the human tool kit.

The world is owned by men who cross bridges on their imagination miles and miles in advance of the procession. – Bruce Barton.

Failure is not falling down. Failure is not getting back up.

Make a conscious decision in your life to do everything with integrity. When you do that, you inoculate yourself against any stress arising from guilt or shame.
Do things with integrity, know what is wrong, practice what is right, and make your decisions accordingly. Your conscience will remain crystal clear, you’ll live without regrets, and as a result, your passion will remain alive and well.

If you want to stay free of stress, stay out of debt.

To be continued

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