Others buy coffee for a planner. I buy napkin.

While others buy coffee (or beg others) to earn stickers and then redeem a planner, my girlfriend and I went into an adventure of buying sanitary napkins. Yes, that girl thing when it’s their time of the month.

We learned that Mercury Drug has this beautiful planner available in pink and blue covers. I won’t bother anymore describing how it looks like because there’s a lot of blogs that show it. According to one blog, the Kotex napkin is the cheapest item we can buy that can earn at least 10 points, we decided to buy it multiple times.

So I bought one napkin in the Mercury Drug in MDC 100, and earned 11 points. I think it costs a little more than 40 pesos. My girlfriend bought 3 napkins but only earned 11 points as well. So the trick, we realized, is to make one purchase at a time.

By the way, I have two older sisters who, when we were younger, would ask me to buy napkins in the sari-sari store. So I’m no stranger to that thing.

Later, she bought a hair coloring product which earned 60 points. And since one planner costs 30 points, she managed to redeem two.

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