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No FB on weekdays

I have a personal project that has been going on for the past two weeks.

This is where broken hearts go

How fitting that I am writing the first entry of my redesigned blog on the eve of Valentines’ Day. And just a minute ago, for some reason, I played ‘Where do broken hearts go’ in YouTube. I maybe in LSS mode. Last Sunday, me and my girlfriend watched ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ in on TV.

At first I wasn’t really interested in watching it. I prefer Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, but my girlfriend really wanted to watch it with me (she saw the movie before). There was a part there where the lead characters sang this song in a videoke.

For a Christian, the answer to the question is clear. To God. Human relationships has lots of disagreements and disappointments, and these lead to broken hearts. But only God will not disappoint us. And so if we focus our eyes on Him, we can be assured, that even if everyone has failed us, He will never will. He will continue to love us.

I am excited to hear tomorrow’s message in CCF Center. I’d like to learn more about love, the way God has designed it.

It's February 14 tomorrow! Join us in any of the following CCF Center services: 9AM | 12NN | 3PM | 6PM and learn about LOVE as God designed it to be. See you! Have a blessed weekend.

Posted by Christ's Commission Fellowship on Friday, February 12, 2016

How God managed my finances

If there’s one amazing thing that happened to me last year, it has something to do with finances. I don’t know how I did it, but I can shout that God really works in ways you can never imagine.

Digitel Phone Sucks

When I arrived home last January 25, we didn’t have a dial tone on our Digitel phone. Guess what? After more than 10 days, we still don’t have a phone service.

Krispey na, Kreme pa

What’s the fuss over Krispy Kreme?

Roadtrip to a Call Center

I spent half of my day achieving nothing but making rides to jeepneys, FX, a bus, taxi, escalator and elevator.

Corruption Baras PNP

The local Philippine National Police has just given me a reason to continue to manage the municipality’s newspaper.