Others buy coffee for a planner. I buy napkin.

While others buy coffee (or beg others) to earn stickers and then redeem a planner, my girlfriend and I went into an adventure of buying sanitary napkins. Yes, that girl thing when it’s their time of the month.

Week 8 (Nov. 19-25) – Catering Service

It’s 11 weeks before the wedding.

Weekend Schedule Done

Why is it physically checking off tasks done on a paper more gratifying that doing it on cellphones?

Goodbye, Altis

It’s has been a day since I let go of my 15-year old car and to be honest, I have felt relieved now that I no longer have it.

Week 1 (Oct 1-7) – The Announcement

Note: I am writing this weeks after the events happened, so I am just recalling everything from memory and archives of Facebook and Viber conversations.

After the big reveal on September 30, we have to prepare fast. I am targetting a February wedding since Ayheen’s parents might leave for US on March.

Notes on Zig Ziglar’s Better Than Good – Part 1

It was the motivational speaker Jim Rohn who suggested that whenever we read a good book, write down thoughts that you think you can use in the future. For the longest time, whenever I read book, that’s what I do – read. Just read. So I just forget whatever I have read because I never take notes. I have learned never to trust my memory. I heard someone say that the mind is good for creating ideas, but never for storing memories. And so here I am, reading with a notebook and pen besides, so that I can pickup whatever learnings I will encounter.

Protected: How to print via silkscreen

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Bank’s foreclosed property on sale

In our search for a decent house and/or lot, I scouted different banks’ websites and searched for foreclosed properties. They have a different and toned down term for it and it actually sounds better – “acquired asset.” I heard that these properties are sold for a cheaper price so that the bank can easily dispose them.