Weekend Schedule Done

Why is it physically checking off tasks done on a paper more gratifying that doing it on cellphones?

Goodbye, Altis

It’s has been a day since I let go of my 15-year old car and to be honest, I have felt relieved now that I no longer have it.

Notes on Zig Ziglar’s Better Than Good – Part 1

It was the motivational speaker Jim Rohn who suggested that whenever we read a good book, write down thoughts that you think you can use in the future. For the longest time, whenever I read book, that’s what I do – read. Just read. So I just forget whatever I have read because I never take notes. I have learned never to trust my memory. I heard someone say that the mind is good for creating ideas, but never for storing memories. And so here I am, reading with a notebook and pen besides, so that I can pickup whatever learnings I will encounter.

Protected: How to print via silkscreen

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Bank’s foreclosed property on sale

In our search for a decent house and/or lot, I scouted different banks’ websites and searched for foreclosed properties. They have a different and toned down term for it and it actually sounds better – “acquired asset.” I heard that these properties are sold for a cheaper price so that the bank can easily dispose them.

Deciding where to live

I guess it’s everyone’s desire to have a place of their own. Whether you are a student trying to finish your college education, or an employee who is just starting a career, every one wants to have a place where they can freely do things. Same with me. I want to have a place of my own in preparation for my plan to start a family. I’m already in a marrying age, so is my girlfriend. Though we are not married yet, I think this is the best time to prepare for the future.

Parking space provider is liable in case of loss or damages to your car

In other words, the establishment that provided the parking space is liable for the loss of the vehicle, even if there was an stipulation in the parking ticket that they (establishment) will not be liable for any loss or damage.

We all need ‘grit’

One of my favorite Ted Talk was by Angela Lee Duckworth, a consultant turned teacher turned psychologist. She studied people over several life stages to see who among them will be successful, and why.